I adore coffee, but some mornings (like today) in my stupor to get myself going, things start getting a little intense.  Before I know it I’m shaking and twitching and answering questions with a crazy amount of vigor and intensity.  When that happens, I have an arsenal of go to fixes that I’ve developed over the years to get me back to acting like a person that isn’t hopped up on a stimulant.

Put Down the Coffee

I know this likely goes without saying, but take the coffee and get rid of it.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started to recover from a caffeine buzz, only to find myself with a mouthful of coffee.   You’ll forget what it’s just done to you and do it all over again, so off to the sink, pronto!

Dilute It

One of the quickest and easiest ways to battle a caffeine buzz is to dilute it with water.  Those three coffees you chugged from the time you woke up until you sat down at your desk are coursing through your veins.  Drink water, at least one cup for each cup of coffee.  Don’t drink it too quickly, caffeine already throws your electrolytes out of whack, so chugging water is only going to make matters work.  Drink at a normal pace and wait for things to normalize.

Take a Walk

Exercise is great for helping your body process and detoxify.  Since you’re bound to be pretty intense anyway, a walk is going to help use that burst of energy and help you to flush the caffeine out of your system.  For a double kick, walk and drink your water.

Eat Something

One of the reasons caffeine hits you so hard is because your stomach is empty first thing in the morning.  That gives the caffeine a direct route to your bloodstream. So, If you haven’t eaten, get something in you.  Stay away from sugary snacks and obviously anything containing caffeine.  Bananas are the best thing you can eat for a caffeine buzz since they help to balance blood sugar and electrolytes, but I’m allergic, so I’ve found pretty much any healthy snack will do in a pinch.

Drink Some Chamomile Tea

Chamomile has been used for years to combat nervousness.  It’s known to soothe, relax and ease your nerves, so it’s the perfect match to counteract the effects of the jug of coffee you just consumed.  Obviously the liquid that isn’t full of jittery juice is going to help dilute it as well, so it’s kind of a double win here.

Have a Magnesium Supplement

Magnesium is said to limit the effects that caffeine has on your body, it’s also a very muscle relaxant so it’s practically perfect when it comes to caffeine overload.  Take a magnesium supplement as soon as you feel the jitters start to come on, it’s almost as fast as bananas or water and works like a charm.

Good Luck, You Magical, Over-Achieving Coffee Drinker, You.

I’m definitely not going to list prevention as a method, because you already know you shouldn’t have pounded so much coffee in the first place, but you’re here and trying to solve the problem, so high-five for problem solving.  Like I said, I often inadvertently poison myself with coffee in the mornings, frankly I look at it as over-achieving in the coffee drinking department and that’s never a bad thing (unless you’re twitching off your chair), so go forth you over achieving coffee drinker, and try one or all of the remedies and if you have some others, let me know *twitch twitch*!


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