We have a guest post from Jen!  DIY skate decorations is a big old yes in my books! Check out her photography here.

I don’t know about you, but Christmas is definitely my time! As of November 1st I start decorating to embrace my meaning to the holiday season. It’s a time for family, friends and fond memories – and it’s fairly practical to get the outdoor stuff done before the bitter-cold and snow storms roll in.

The wonderful feelings of warmth and love that come with the holidays is my driving force. This year, I received unexpected inspiration when my mom bought a box full of old skates. She was planning to sell all of them at her antique booth when I interjected with some gentle convincing and maybe a little begging. In the end I landed myself 2 pairs of dirty old skates, gave Melle a call, and spent a Saturday together turning my dinning room into crafters chaos!

Jen & Melle enthralled in crafters chaos!

So let’s get you started, shall we? First you find the skates of your choosing.

These 2 I’m doing the same so my mom can use them as decorations on her doors.

If you’re using an old pair of skates like I did, scrub off any dirt or possible mold from the outside. I just used warm soapy water and a former potato scrub brush that is now my crafting scrubby. My new one for food is a yellow ducky!

Once your Christmas skate is painted to your liking, that could take you awhile if you’re picky like me, then let it dry. Keep in mind dry time depends on the type of acrylic paint your using. Note: I used a clear coat of spray paint to seal up, protect and add a nice glossy finish.

Next choose the filler for your skate. It can be anything: bows, twigs, greenery, pine cones, ornaments, heck – even candy and elf legs!

I’m awkward with arrangements so I used 2 plastic ribbons (it was kicking around, don’t judge me!) The green ribbon tied the annoying bundle together. Next, I put a little strip of glue on the red ribbon then pushed the stick bundle into it. After, I glued the other side of the bundle then wrapped the rest of the red ribbon around to the front – holding until it stays in place. *Whew, that was complicated! I only burned my fingers twice!*

Now we’re on the home stretch! I chose to lace the skates with ribbon, but you can use whatever you like: normal laces, twine, ribbon…

To give a nice finishing touch, used a sock to frame the top of my skate.

Here I stuffed the sock inside the skate and tacked it into place followed by lightly tacking down the ribbon bow to keep it’s shape and to prevent it from coming undone. TIP: turn your sock inside out before stuffing it into the skate so when you fold it over you have a nice finish! You’ll also notice that I tied the bow to one side, since that will be the front when it hangs.

Once all of that is finished, grab your bundle and glue it to the inside of the sock on the side that is going to be the front (where your bow is facing.) It might move, but don’t be scared! Just hold it still to set after you glue it then bundle up and stuff in some news paper or plastic bubble wrap and all will be well. Also, If you’re going to be hanging it up you can glue on a hook or a loop of ribbon to the back of the skate then hang-er-up!

Now revel in the glory that is your beautiful DIY Christmas skate!Save




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