Oh Hey There, Fancy Pants!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet, I’m super glad you’re here! Partly, so I can stop talking to myself. But now, let’s skip to the important part…you brought cookies, right? Not to be all critical and stuff, but it’s kind of rude to visit without bringing a little gift of some kind, and frankly, I was kind of hoping it was cookies, but don’t worry.  I’ll wait here while you go whip up a batch to share, and while you wait for them to bake, we can get to know each other.  Good?

Facts & Stuff

My name is Melle (it sounds like bell).  My real name is actually Melanie, but when I was a kid, I looked like a boy, which meant people used to call me Melvin and ask about little league.  To prevent outbursts of childhood rage, my family decided to help me solve the problem by feminizing the short form of my name. I made the final decision on my new found girl name, so I kept it, even after I outgrew the whole boy thing.  Melle is also a town in Germany.  Their website used to have a video camera near the town hall (and a theme song!) So, I used to visit the website semi-regularly to sing along with my song while I watched my villagers. Don’t worry – I’m convinced it’s totally normal if you find yourself with a town of your own.

Howdy, Baby Melvin. That’s my pink hat on the right. Complicated.

Moving from the city to the suburbs turned me into a shabby chic rendition of Martha Stewart.  The kind of Martha Stewart who loves thrift stores, power tools and complex science experiments with 30 different flours. Maybe not that much like her after all.

Bite Me, Martha. I cut a hole in my wall with an exacto knife.

I get the feeling someone was drinking heavily the day they invented my body, but I love its quirky-slightly-broken nature, nevertheless.  To convince it not to try to kill me constantly, I have to eat gluten free and avoid 20 odd foods on top of that.  I am always strictly gluten free, but I’m not always so good at avoiding all the rest.

I look at cooking for my diet as a challenge I will win, regardless of the number of horrible side experiments.  That means many a food disaster happens in my kitchen, but eventually, almost everything ends up delicious without (too many) compromises.

I have a young puppy (2) an older puppy (10) and a kitten (2).  They’re hilarious and awesome and some of the best-looking animals I’ve ever seen (biased?).   I also have a backyard full of squirrels, skunks, chipmunks and birds.  My neighbors protest slightly, but I feed them all regularly, because they’re awesome and I love them.  My squirrels hang on my doorstep in the mornings waiting for their snacks.

Larry the Squirrel
Larry the Squirrel
Francesca Elizabeth Whiz (AKA Franny)
Franklin D Weinerdoggen (AKA Frankie)
Madison Z Fancypantson (AKA Maddy)

I’m all about laughing at the mistakes and celebrating the awesome, so I hope my blogs will inspire you to laugh, have fun and try new things as you channel your own inner unicorn, as you make some cool stuff.

If you want to get in touch, or you want to share some of your own projects (I’d love to see them!)  Get in touch here or tag me on social. P.S This is Me (but I hate having my picture taken so you gotta take em as they come!)