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Gluten Free BreadingSo this breading is just that, it's a plain, utterly customizable breading to use on chicken (to make burgers, nuggets, schnitzels) or to use on fish for a crispy crust. It is NOT a coating for onion rings or a beer better type situation for other things that call for a thicker pancakier batter.
Gluten Free Fried ChickenGluten Free Fried ChickenIf there was a perfect food, I’m like 80% sure it would be something wrapped in a crispy hot sauce crust that was tossed carelessly in some bubbling oil only to come out salty and peppery with a crunch that makes you pause just for a moment with a self-satisfied sigh.
Vegan Chocolate PuddingI have some serious hate for pudding. I don't quite understand it myself, but I always have. There's something about the texture that just freaks me out. It's not quite a liquid, it's not quite a solid – it’s this weird food compromise that makes me gag at the very thought. But this pudding, it's good. I still hate it, but for pudding - it's pretty freaking rad.
Peanut Free Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe“Peanut Butter” CookiesThey're a good cookie (with exceptional shelf life!) They aren't my favorite kind of "peanut butter" (sunflower seed butter) cookie, but they're chewy and soft, with an ultra fine crumb, almost like a shortbread, I'd say. As I eat them, I'm starting to fall in love.
Gluten Free Vegan Spice Cake RecipeApplesauce Spice CakeI had a very minor apple buying accident at the market and as I was brainstorming what might become of my beautiful bushel of little fruits, he started reminiscing about the spice cake his mom used to make, which led me to believe, I could justify my apple purchase after all.
Brownie Edge CookiesMeet the brownie cookie. (Inset self satisfied sigh) This melt in your mouth little piece of chocolatey goodness was born out of laziness, impatience and a monster chocolate craving. Even those of us who love cooking to little bits and pieces get kitchen lazy and lay on our sofas dreaming of prepared, packaged foods that don't make our bellies hurt.
Vegan Cream SoupVegan Cream Soup BaseThere's nothing I love more than a creamy soup. Especially when there are fresh veggies around. Unfortunately, not everyone I cook for eats dairy, so I eventually found myself veganizing my cream soup base (because living without it was not an option, obviously).
Gluten Free Shortbread Cookie RecipeGluten Free Shortbread CookiesI baked, I sang, I ate icing, I danced with a cat. While I did all those things, I experimented with flours and methods and the cookies got even better. The final batch was my masterpiece. This is how you do gluten free and vegan shortbread this Christmas - because Santa digs healthy cookies.